Master of Contemporary Art, VCA, with first class honours, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Built Environment with distinction, QUT
Bachelor of Visual Art, QUT

2020    column wrapper, site specific installation, Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia
2020    rainbow shelter, site specific installation, Burnett Lane, Brisbane, Australia
2019    portals, site specific installation, Dome Gallery, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia    
2018    composites, THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2018    doppel symmetrie, ADHOC, Bochum, Germany
2017    trace patterns, PALMER, Sydney, Australia
2015    chrominance, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2015    chromo-spatial, CHASM gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2014    threshold, five walls projects, Footscray, Melbourne, Australia
2013    transposition, pieces of eight, Melbourne
2011    viscerality, Kunstraum Tapir Gallery, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
2011    shedding skin, Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne, Victoria
2009    memory space, Kick Gallery, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria
2007    twofold, Kick Gallery, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria
2005    unseen, Fox Galleries, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland

2020    Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Gallery, Sunshine Coast
2020    FIVE TEN TWENTY TWENTY, five walls, Footscray
2019    New Woman, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane
2019    Friends and Family, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2019    Nillumbik Contemporary Art Prize, Montsalvat, Melbourne
2018    Support Structure, Latrobe Art Institute, Bendigo
2018    Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin Gallery, Melbourne
2018    WAVE, BSA project space, Byron Bay
2017    9X5NOW, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA, Melbourne
2017    mixtape, PALMER, Sydney
2016    Woollahra Small Scuplture Prize, Woollahra Chambers, Double Bay, Sydney
2016    Linden Art Prize, Linden New Art, St Kilda, Melbourne
2015    VCA masters exhibition, 'beyond painting', Bracks Space, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2015    faux fair, c3 artspace, The Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne
2015    colour imperative, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne
2014    marvel, the windsor prize, Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2014    no werk, trocadero artspace, Footscray, Melbourne
2014    parking lot, VCA gallery, Melbourne
2013    the hills are alive, Paradise Hills Gallery, Richmond, Melbourne
2013    artmonth finalists exhibition, Depot two, Sydney
2012    from paradise, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
2012    studio artists, Paradise Hills Gallery, Richmond, Melbourne
2011    the space between, Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

2021    spatial deconstruction #23 (resilience), Metro Tunnel acoustic shed, city square, Melbourne
2020    spatial deconstruction #24 (christmas wrapper), Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne
2020    spatial deconstruction #22 (rainbow shelter), Burnett Lane, Brisbane
2020    William Jolly Bridge projection, multichromatic synaesthesia, Brisbane
2019    spatial deconstruction #21 (portals), Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane
2019    spatial deconstruction #20 (barn intervention), Montsalvat, Melbourne
2018    insitu painting #1 (composites), THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
2018    spatial deconstruction #19, (inversion), Latrobe Art Institute, Bendigo
2018    spatial deconstruction #18, (doppel symmetrie), Adhoc, Bochum, Germany
2018    spatial deconstruction #17, (symmetrical twist), BSA projectspace, Byron Bay
2017    spatial deconstruction #16, (truncated geometry), PALMER, Sydney
2016    spatial deconstruction #15, (gemstone with fireplace), LINDEN New Art, Sydney
2015    spatial deconstruction #13 and #14, (hood and spectrum), 'beyond painting', Maddocks Space,VCA
2015    spatial deconstruction #12, (warped apex), Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2015    spatial deconstruction #11, (prismatic), CHASM, Brooklyn, New York
2014    spatial deconstruction #10, (collision), Five Walls Projects, Footscray, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #09, (marvel intervention), Hotel Windsor ground floor lobby, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #08, (the alter), 17-23 Wills st, Art Deco Building, Melbourne CBD
2014    spatial deconstruction #07, (rainbow), VCA open day, VCA, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #06 (equilateral), VCA Gallery, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #05, (cube), Black Hole, VCA, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #04, (vortex), project space, VCA, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #03, (window), Bracks studio, VCA, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #02, (pendant), Bracks corridor, VCA, Melbourne
2014    spatial deconstruction #01, (prism), the Cage, VCA, Melbourne
2014    private painting commission, Artesian Investments
2013    installation, pieces of eight facade, Russell Place, Melbourne
2013    private painting commission, domestic space
2012    private painting commission, domestic space
2011    vessels insitu, paradise hills gallery, Melbourne

2020      Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
2020      Finalist, Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize
2020      Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize
2019      Finalist, Nillumbik Contemporary Art Prize
2018      Recipient, Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
2018      Finalist, Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award
2016      Recipient, Linden Art Prize
2016      Recipient, Woollahra Small Scuplture Prize Viewers Choice Award
2015      Recipient, Fiona Myer Award
2015      Recipient, NAVA, Australian Artists Grant
2014      Recipient, Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship
2014      Finalist, The Windsor Prize, VCA, University of Melbourne
2014      Recipient, Faculty assistance grant, University of Melbourne
2013      Selected + Finalist Exhibition, Artmonth Sydney Emerging Artist Program, (NAB emerging artist award)
2011      TAKT kunstprojektstraum residency, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
2011-15 Paradise Hills studios, resident artist

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